Why You Should Consider Used Office Furniture in Lenexa

When we say used office furniture, we don’t mean the desk chair with one wheel sitting on your neighbor’s curb. At Contract Furnishings, we find popular, name-brand furniture that businesses will be proud to have in their office. Most of our used furniture consists of office store floor models, that are either discontinued by the manufacturer or overstocked. You can also buy used furniture in Lenexa from companies that went out of business or no longer need their furniture.

We thoroughly clean the furniture, then inspect each piece to ensure it is in great shape. All the used furniture we sell is high-quality and budget-friendly—a great option for furnishing your office space.

Here are four reasons you should consider getting used office furniture for your Lenexa business:

It’s Better for the Environment

Used furniture that isn’t resold ends up in a landfill, even if the furniture is still in good condition. Using pre-owned furniture in your office space design in Lenexa is a great way to keep landfills clean. It also conserves trees and energy because there is less demand for new office furniture to be made.

Used Furniture is Typically Delivered Faster Than New Furniture

You could find yourself waiting for months if you order new furniture from Lenexa office space designers. A lot of pre-owned office furniture can be delivered in forty-eight hours or less. Used furniture is often assembled and ready for use upon arrival.

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Used Furniture Costs Less

A lot of times, buying used furniture for your office interior design in Lenexa saves you money. Pre-owned furniture can cost up to 25% less than new furniture, giving more room in your budget for other things (like a pool table or other fun items for the break room.)

A lot of used office furniture are floor models that haven’t been used and have very little wear and tear on them. An office designer in Lenexa would recommend used furniture because of the lack of use. Floor models are also built to withstand lots of hands touching it, opening drawers, etc.

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It’s Also Fairly Easy to Customize Used Office Furniture in Lenexa

At Contract Furnishings, we specialize in customizing used office furniture to fit your style. Our technical experts are experienced in re-fabricating furniture and replacing cylinders or other critical components of the furniture. This ensures that you are getting a high-quality piece of furniture that is tailored to your style.

Pre-owned furniture is often repainted, designed, and remodeled without guilt because it’s not brand new. It’s easy to make a used piece of office furniture a statement piece that everyone loves.

Buying office furniture is a time-consuming and expensive project. However, there are easy ways to save money when decorating your office space. Buying used office furniture in Lenexa is cheaper and often comes pre-assembled, so it’s easier to set up your office space.

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