Used Office Furniture

Used office furnishings in Kansas City

Contract Furnishings has the largest selection of high quality Used Office Furniture in Kansas City.

Our vast selection of used office furniture for Kansas City businesses allows you to enjoy quality office furniture for any budget.

used conference and break room tables

Reasons to choose Contract Furnishings

01. Select from the industry’s most popular brands.

We search the entire country to find the best used furniture to bring back to Kansas City. We only select products from leading manufacturers, so when you browse our used inventory, you will be sure to find leading brands and products at a fraction of the original cost.

More of the ground floor Used Office Furniture Showroom

02. Buy with confidence. Cleaned and quality inspected.

When you buy used office furniture at Contract Furnishings, you can feel confident knowing that every product is thoroughly cleaned and inspected for quality prior to staging.

Our technicians have the ability to replace cylinders and other critical components to ensure you receive the highest quality.

Used Office Showroom with desks and chairs

03. We can customize for you.

If you love the thought of saving money with used office chairs, but you prefer a different color fabric, we can help!

Our technical experts routinely re-fabric used furniture to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Ground Floor of Used Office Furniture Showroom

04. Thrill your employees with high quality.

Most employees spend significant time each day in their office chair. Studies show that quality seating has a significant impact on both employee satisfaction and attendance.

With high-quality used office furniture, you can thrill your employees while managing your overall budget.

Used Office Showroom with desks and chairs

05. Delivery and installation available.

We understand how difficult it can be to install multi-component office desks. That’s why we offer full delivery and installation services across the Kansas City metro to help you manage your new office setup.

Our installation professionals can also provide input and ideas related to power cord management and other technical details.

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