Tips for Reinventing Your Lenexa Office’s Lobby

A leader in office interior design in Lenexa understands how important it is for your office lobby to look nice. The lobby is the first thing people see when they enter. The work world today presents unique challenges to an office designer in Lenexa, especially when customizing and designing an office lobby. With the rapidly changing workplace environment, an interior designer must adapt to trends that fit the modern aesthetic and are safe for the pandemic era.

At Contract Furnishings, a leader in providing businesses with both new and used office furnishings in Lenexa, we want to help guide you through your lobby renovation. So, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make your office feel more welcoming while still maintaining safety precautions.

Utilize the Space You Have

You can’t make more space for your lobby without doing some serious reconfiguring of your building. So, Lenexa office space designers suggest utilizing your current space as much as possible. Accentuate the highlights of your lobby, such as vaulted ceilings or the natural light the room receives.

Try and Incorporate More Natural Light

Interior designers suggest incorporating as much natural light as possible into your lobby design. This will make the space feel more open and cheerful, and guests will feel more welcome. If your office is inside a building that doesn’t receive enough or any natural light, you should invest in Halogen light bulbs to give the illusion of natural light.

use color in your office space

Use Color to Your Advantage

The color of walls and Lenexa office furniture plays a big part in visitors’ feelings. For example, if you are looking to renovate the lobby of a doctor’s office, you might want to stay away from using white. White walls and furniture can trigger a patient’s “white coat syndrome” and make them anxious to visit the doctor.

In any lobby space, interior designers suggest using warm, neutral colors and comfortable seating. This will make visitors feel more welcome and can help calm any rising anxiety.

Make Safety Precautions Clear

Safety precautions in the workplace have become routine in recent years. And, while the signs might not be aesthetically pleasing, you place them somewhere that everyone will see them. Experts suggest hanging signs on the walls or frequently used office furniture in Lenexa.

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