New Office Furniture in Kansas City

The single biggest component of any office design is furniture. Whether it’s seating for your customers or storage solutions for your employees, selecting the perfect furniture is essential.

At Contract Furnishings, we have a huge selection of New Office Furniture. With a variety of great brands at our fingertips, we can meet any design style or budget.

used conference and break room tables


01. Select from the industry’s most popular brands and styles.

We carry office products from leading manufacturers, so when you browse our inventory, you will find leading brands and styles that range from traditional to modern, and many options tied to the latest office trends.

02. Education is part of the process!

Selecting the perfect office furniture for your space design goes well beyond the look and style of a chair. When you purchase furniture from Contract Furnishings, we take pride in providing ergonomic, design, and feature insights. When you work with one of our experts, you can do so with confidence in your selection.

03. We can customize for you.

If you think it takes a huge budget to have a custom look built into your choice of furniture, think again. Our experts will lead you to product solutions that not only fit your budget, but will also fit the look and feel you desire seamlessly into your office design.

04. Thrill your employees with great seating.

Your employees spend significant time each day in their office chair. Studies show that quality seating has a significant impact on both employee satisfaction and attendance. With our high-quality office furniture in, you can thrill your employees while managing your overall budget.

Ready to love your office? Contact us and we can discuss your design in person. Designs and design concepts are offered free of charge, so start planning today!