Office Space Design on a Budget

Every business owner would love to have a beautifully designed office space filled with quality furniture and comfortable meeting areas. However, not every business can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their office design and office furnishings in Lenexa. Our team of designers at Contract Furnishings thinks you should know that you can have a stylish, comfortable office on a budget.

Add Foliage

A little greenery can contribute to a relaxed office atmosphere. Don’t overdo it, but potted plants are relatively inexpensive, and you should be able to find pottery that matches almost any office décor.

Spend on the Right Items

If you are on a budget, invest more in essential office furnishings in Lenexa, like office chairs and the reception area for visitors. Spend less on items that aren’t seen by clients very often or don’t have moving parts. Stay away from designer items and unnecessary or pricey artwork.

Choose a Minimalist Design

A minimalist office design doesn’t necessarily mean Scandinavian design or having a bare office. Minimalism is more about clean lines, a simple color palette, and avoiding clutter. A professional office designer in Lenexa will probably be able to help you pull the look off better than you would on your own.

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Buy Used

Quality used office furniture in Lenexa is easier to find than you might imagine. Buying used is a great way to reduce office design expenses. If you choose to buy used furniture, purchase your used items first. There are fewer options for used furniture than new furniture. It will be easier to locate new items that will match your used items than used items to match the new.

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Don’t Be Too Eclectic

Budget-minded shoppers sometimes focus more on saving money than maintaining a consistent design throughout the office. The result is often a hodgepodge of styles that don’t work well together. Choosing either style or budget isn’t necessary–they aren’t mutually exclusive. You can both design a fantastic office space and keep expenses down.

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If your business is growing rapidly and you need quality, durable furnishings at an affordable price, we have many options available for you. We can not only help you with office space design in Lenexa, but we can also help you locate the furniture you need and make sure your workspace is designed in the most efficient way possible.

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