Tips on How to Make Your Office Space Design in Overland Park More Flexible–A flexible workspace is an office that can adapt to employees and accommodate their needs, increasing creativity, morale, and productivity. If you’re looking to revamp your office space design in Overland Park, here are some tips from local office space designers:Office Space Design in Overland Park

  • Create Smaller Working Areas: Large spaces may not offer enough privacy for employees who perform better with fewer distractions. Create workspaces that seat a maximum of four people using lightweight desks and smaller tables.
  • Use Modular Furniture: Invest in furniture that can easily convert, adjust, and be used for multiple purposes. Examples include ergonomic chairs with adjustable height, sectional sofas, and desks with adjustable heights.
  • Design Rooms Specifically for Making Phone Calls: Create soundproof rooms for phone calls, meetings, or focused work. Furnish these areas with modular office furnishings in Overland Park.
  • Add Some Nature: Incorporate plants and natural materials into your office design to boost morale, create a more open feeling, and improve air quality.
  • Enhance Natural Lighting: An office designer in Overland Park suggests this will improve employee mood by enhancing natural lighting with wider windows or skylights.
  • Create an Outdoor Space: An office designer in Overland Park suggests using office furnishings in Overland Park to create an outdoor break area or workspace. This change of scenery can inspire employees and provide a place to recharge.
  • Establish a Quiet Place: Design a quiet space with comfortable furniture for employees to take mental breaks, which can improve their performance, according to experts on office space design in Overland Park.

Now that we’ve explored various ways to make your Overland Park office space more flexible, it’s essential to consider how to achieve this while staying within budget. By incorporating cost-effective strategies and design elements, you can create an inspiring and functional workspace without breaking the bank. In the following section, we will discuss advice from Contract Furnishings, a top office designer in Overland Park, on how to design your new office while keeping costs down.Office Space Design in Overland Park

Advice from Experts on from Office Space Design in Overland Park to Help Design Your New Office

Designing a new office can be challenging. You might not know where to start or how to make the most out of what little space you have. Not to worry though, as an office designer in Overland Park, Contract Furnishings has compiled some tips on what you should remember when designing your new office.

Consider Used Furniture

A new office doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you look for good deals online or at second-hand furniture stores. You may find great prices on used office furniture that has rarely been used at all. In fact, many “used” pieces of furniture may have simply been set up as display models on their original store’s showroom floor. Some models may still have lots of life left since they were not used on a daily basis. Implementing used office cubicles in Overland Park can offer an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to investing in brand new, mass-produced furniture.Office Space Design in Overland Park

Enhance Natural Lighting

An office designer in Overland Park explains natural light has been shown to increase productivity and boost serotonin. When planning a new office space, try to incorporate as much natural light as possible. If your space doesn’t receive a lot of natural lighting, invest in high-quality overhead ceiling lighting and open-top floor lamps. Adding full-spectrum daytime lightbulbs can also help give your office the feel of natural light.

Create a Meeting Space

Experts on office space design in Overland Park know that creating a meeting space is crucial to productivity in the office. Taking important phone calls or conducting client meetings has proven to be easier in a designated space. It is also a good idea to establish the rules of the meeting space, such as declaring it a quiet space due to Zoom meetings and phone calls or designating it as a collaboration space. To make this creation more affordable, consider office furnishings in Overland Park to kickstart your meeting area.Office Space Design in Overland Park

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

The size and location of your office are important. You want to make sure your office is easily accessible, with enough room to accommodate all employees. Overland Park office space designers can help you make the most out of your space by choosing multi-purpose furniture, which frees up more room to move and collaborate.

Add a Touch of Personality

A stereotypical office is stuffy, gray, and has rows of cubicles. Nobody really wants to work in a boring office like that. However, there are different office design solutions that can resolve this problem by adding touches of personality throughout the workspace. Adding artwork, antiques, or a fun paint color are great ways to ensure that the space is inspiring. The homier the office feels, the better the employees perform.Office Space Design in Overland Park

Do You Need Help from Some of the Top Overland Park Office Space Designers?

At Contract Furnishings, we want to help you bring your vision to life. We specialize in office space design in Overland Park to help you plan your next office space. As a top office designer in Overland Park, we offer new and used office furniture that meets any budget. We will even deliver and install the furniture! Our amazing team has served the Kansas City area for over 30 years, upholding our reputation for carrying the area’s largest selection of new and used office furniture

Contract Furnishings has a history of more than 30 years of assisting customers with their office space requirements. Our capacity to draw upon the extensive range of product solutions we offer in order to satisfy requirements pertaining to both space and finances, as well as aesthetic preferences, has been the linchpin of our business’s achievements. We offer high-quality used office furniture in Overland Park to our customers, and we have earned a reputation as being one of the most respected business in the used furniture industry.Office Space Design in Overland Park

The capacity to “combine and solve” problems is something that is distinctive to our background. This holds true whether you want to complete an entire project with used furniture or include office furnishings in Overland Park into a new workplace design as a cost-cutting measure. Are you ready to love your workplace? We are glad to get started on the workplace design for you. Simply fill out the design planning tool that can be found below, and a member of our team will get in touch with you right away to discuss your commercial office design solutions in Overland Park.