Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Lenexa Office Furniture

Buying office furniture in Lenexa can be stressful, whether you’re just refurnishing your current office or designing a new one from scratch. It’s important to remember that your office’s furniture has a significant impact on the type of environment you promote to your employees. A well-executed design can help encourage a successful, collaborative workspace, while a poorly executed design can leave people feeling isolated.

At Contract Furnishings, a leader in providing Lenexa office furniture, we know that inexperienced buyers might not know what to look for when purchasing new furniture for their workplace. So, we’ve compiled tips on how you can design the office of your dreams.

Remember to Measure

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying new or used office furniture in Lenexa is not measuring. Some people believe that they can just “eyeball” the furniture and decide whether or not it will fit in the office. More often than not, that plan doesn’t work. Interior designers suggest taking detailed measurements of your office before you go shopping and then measuring the furniture before making a final decision.

Don’t Purchase Just the Bare Minimum

Although buying the basics might save you more money now, it’ll could potentially cost you more money in the future. Lenexa office space designers suggest purchasing more than just desks and office chairs.

Keeping your office too basic can make it unappealing, thus making people less likely to want to work there. Your business might struggle with the retention rate, making it hard for your business to prosper.

Interior designers also suggest buying more than the bare minimum because some companies offer bundle discounts. It might be cheaper to buy all of your office furniture at once than pick up individual pieces as you need them.

Use a Color Scheme

This might seem like basic information, but one big mistake people make when designing their office space is using colors that clash. An expert in office space design in Lenexa might suggest sticking with a neutral color for your base and brighter colors for your accents. For example, you can use a light gray for your walls but then add different colored accents around the office.

Invest in Quality Office Furniture

It might seem logical at the time to go with the cheaper option, but sometimes those pieces of furniture break quicker. It’s important to invest in office furniture that is going to last for several years. Cheaper office furniture might also be uncomfortable and could even give visitors a misleading view of your company if the furniture doesn’t look professional.

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