Advice for Designing Your New Office from Lenexa Office Space Designers

Designing a new office can be challenging. You might not know where to start or how to make the most out of what little space you have. Not to worry though, as one of the premier Lenexa office space designers, Contract Furnishings has compiled some tips on what you should remember when designing your new office.

Consider Used Furniture

A new office doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you look for good deals online or at second-hand furniture stores. You may find great prices on used office furniture in Lenexa that has rarely been used at all. In fact, many “used” pieces of furniture may have simply been set up as display models on their original store’s showroom floor. Some models may still have lots of life left since they were not used on a daily basis.

Implementing used office furnishings in Lenexa office spaces can offer your business an affordable way to obtain trendy, durable furniture. It’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to investing in brand new, mass-produced furniture.

Used Office Furniture In Lenexa

Enhance Natural Lighting

Natural light has been shown to increase productivity and boost serotonin. When a Lenexa office designer plans a new office space, they want to incorporate as much natural light as possible.

The best way to enhance the brightness in your office is to choose a spot that receives a lot of natural light. But there are ways to manipulate the light in darker spots. Investing in translucent blinds can help reduce the glare of the sun without actually darkening the room.

If your space doesn’t receive a lot of natural lighting, invest in high-quality overhead ceiling lighting and open-top floor lamps. Adding full-spectrum daytime lightbulbs can help give your office the feel of natural light as well.

Used Office Furniture In Lenexa

Create a Meeting Space

Creating a meeting space is crucial to productivity in the office. Taking important phone calls or conducting client meetings has proven to be easier in a designated space. It is also a good idea to make sure you establish the rules of the meeting space. For example, declaring that the meeting room is a quiet space because of Zoom meetings and phone calls. Or that it is a designated collaboration space, where everyone can bounce ideas off one another.

However, creating a meeting space might leave less room in your budget for other items. To make this creation more affordable, you can furnish your meeting area with used office furniture in Lenexa. Items like gently used seating, desks, cabinets, and other furnishings can help complete your meeting space.

enough space in office

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

The size and location of your office are important. You want to make sure your Lenexa office is easily accessible, with enough room to accommodate all employees. Lenexa office space designers can help you make the most out of your space. They can help you choose multi-purpose furniture, which frees up more room to move and collaborate.

personality in office furniture

Add a Touch of Personality

A stereotypical office is stuffy, gray, and has rows of cubicles. Nobody really wants to work in a boring office like that. However, there are different office design solutions in Lenexa that can resolve this problem by adding touches of personality throughout the workspace.

Adding artwork, antiques, or a fun paint color are great ways to ensure that the space is inspiring. The homier the office feels, the better the employees perform.

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