Why Proper Office Lighting is More Essential Than You Might Think

When most people think of office design––or interior design for that matter––they think of furniture, paint colors, and wall art. However, the unsung hero in a well-designed office is proper lighting. It doesn’t matter how nice your office’s furniture and color scheme are if the flickering fluorescent lights give you a headache. or if the glare on your computer screen makes you squint.

In case you aren’t very familiar with the ins and outs of office lighting, our team of professional Lenexa office designers is here to help you understand the basics.

Benefits of Proper Office Lighting

  • Aesthetics. Improper lighting––too bright, too dim, too yellow, too white––can make an attractive workspace an unpleasant place to be. However, a professionally lit workspace can turn an already pleasant office space into something spectacular.
  • Employee Health and Productivity. Employees who work all day in an improperly lit office may suffer from eyestrain and migraines. Meanwhile, employees who work near a significant source of natural light are more likely to sleep longer and more soundly than their coworkers who complete the same tasks under artificial lighting.
  • Positive Workplace Atmosphere. Lighting can make the difference between an inviting office atmosphere and feeling like you work in a cave. For example, lots of windows and natural light in meeting rooms can help workers stay alert and think creatively. Warm floor lamps in interior rooms with less natural light create a feeling of comfort and help workers relax.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption. If you are still using incandescent, halogen, or old fluorescent lighting, making the switch to LED lighting can reduce your electric bill and maintenance costs. Reducing energy consumption may also contribute to achieving Green Business certifications.

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Office Design Solutions in Lenexa

If you are looking to design and furnish your workplace, Contract Furnishings has a team of Lenexa office designers ready to make your vision a reality. Working with us means that you not only have creative professionals to help with your design, but we can also sell furniture directly to you. We offer both new and used office furniture, including used office cubicles in Lenexa.

Used Office Furniture in Lenexa

Purchasing used office furniture is a great way to reduce start-up costs and, because we stock only the best used pieces, no one has to know you bought second-hand. Our Lenexa office space designers are experienced, creative professionals––not just salesmen. We love to see our customers turn their office spaces from something basic into attractive, modern workplaces.

Commercial Office Design Solutions in Lenexa

If your business is growing rapidly and you need quality, durable furnishings at an affordable price, we have a wide array of options available for you. We can help you find the furniture you need, design an attractive space, and make sure your workflow is designed in the most efficient way possible.

We Are the Experts in Office Design and Space Planning.

Contract Furnishings has a 30-year history of serving clients with their office space needs. Our ability to leverage our vast array of product solutions to meet space, budget, and style needs has been the cornerstone of our success.

We are ready to help you find office design solutions in Lenexa at any budget.

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