Trends in Office Furniture in Overland Park

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Office furniture trends are evolving

Trending office furniture in Overland Park incorporates the latest advances in technology, ergonomics, open workspaces, sustainability, and more.

In the ever-evolving world of office design, staying ahead of trends is key. From function to style, this blog post is your guide to the latest and greatest in office furniture trends. Get ready to be inspired!


Much-needed technology has eliminated the need to drive across the city for meetings. Zoom and Teams allow for direct face-to-face interaction at the click of a mouse. This is being reflected in office space design. “Virtual conference rooms” are popping up everywhere! Modern conference rooms are now often equipped with modules with microphones and cameras making it easier to hear and see who’s online. Screens are designed to pop down from the ceiling, projectors are built into the rooms, and remotes control everything including the lights!

As we work from shared spaces, it becomes much more important to have outlets and charging ports available from everywhere you work. Many workstations are now equipped with USBA and USBC ports, even wireless charging pads! And mobile charging towers can be carried across the room.

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Chairs have come a long way. Have you ever looked underneath your office chair? I bet you have at least five different doohickies (leavers and knobs) designed to make you more comfortable. That’s what we call ergonomics.

As technology advances alongside modern medicine, we have an ever-evolving understanding of the human body and its needs. Thus, as an office furnishings retailer, Contract Furnishings makes it a priority to keep up with the latest advances to bring our clients office furniture that not only makes their teams comfortable but also helps them care for their bodies.

A great example of recent in-demand office furniture trends is the standing desk. Sitting may seem more comfortable in theory, but not necessarily sitting in the same chair for eight hours straight, five days in a row. Sometimes it just feels nice to stand up and get that blood flowing! Science supports this.

Trends in office furniture in Overland Park also point to bringing the gym straight into the office. Literally an entire gym in many cases. Even smaller companies are embracing the trend, bringing select elements straight into small offices – like walking treadmill pads and yoga balls. These trends follow the needs of the end user first but also benefit the employer as well through an increase in productivity. (Better blood flow means better productivity, so let’s get moving!)

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Resimercial office furniture in overland park

As employees transition back from the work-from-home lifestyle, they miss the comfort of working from home! From the “endless” snacks to working from a comfortable couch, returning to a stale office may seem all but inviting. Office furniture trends show many offices understand the challenge. Who wants to work in an office, after commuting across town, without the same amenities of working from home – all just to do the same work? Not many!

Mother’s rooms – dedicated private spaces for new mothers – are one of the most requested office additions. Many companies are even considering how to alleviate the financial burden of childcare by adding private in-house daycares to their facilities. These are a few of the many positive adjustments corporate America is making to alleviate employee stress. It also aids employers who face pushback from employees with small children who are asked to return to the office.

To bring the fun back into the office, game, and recreation rooms are getting much more attention. When employees spend more than 40 hours a week from the office, the occasional break is a much-needed “brain reset” to supercharge productivity.

We’ve also seen office furniture in Overland Park become less sterile and way homier. From rugs to side tables with lamps … and squishy couches filled with pillows … it becomes even more difficult to distinguish an office from a living room! This seems to be nothing but a positive change for a majority of employees.

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 Art, now more than ever, is a way to add life to bland office spaces. We’ve seen companies team up with local artists and studios to purchase or rent artwork. Many often even display art that is for sale, as a way of consistently rotating the art within their space while simultaneously supporting local artists in their communities – a win-win! Muralists are also gaining popularity in a more-than-street type of way, creating beautiful masterpieces that often promote company culture or show customers a bit about the heart of those they will be working with.

Open and collaborative workspaces

In creative industries such as marketing, design, ad agencies, and the like, most people work better collaboratively and companies want to create an environment that facilitates easy interaction. For this reason, many companies in these types of fields – and even in more structured corporate environments – are moving to more collaborative open workstations. And as a bonus, they’re cheaper! One big room with a long desk full of dividing panels is much less expensive than a room full of constructed walls and individual desks.

To manage ambient sound and distractions, sound panels have become much more popular, along with meeting rooms (shared small conference offices) and “pods” (phone booths designed for just that – taking phone calls without disturbing your coworkers).

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Sustainability and nature

One huge benefit of more open workspaces – natural light! Humans greatly benefit from an increase in sunlight, and so do plants! Many companies are hiring outside parties to fill their spaces with plants and routinely care for them. For those who don’t feel comfortable with natural plants in their spaces, artificial plants and even moss walls are very trendy options. Moss walls are created from preserved (dried) moss glued to mesh panels and installed onto walls for a mural-like visual.

Textiles and graphics

Paint colors and fabric pattern trends are ever-changing just like fashion. What we currently are seeing when it comes to office furniture trends are more earthy/natural tones and materials. Light wood finishes are overtaking the mahoganies and deep rich reds and browns. Whites and beiges are surpassing deep purples, reds, and blues.

Many of us are becoming much more conscious of the footprint we leave on the planet. It is now quite trendy to use recycled materials and organic elements when designing an office space. This ranges all the way from 100% recycled cotton chair fabrics to turning recycled 2×4 wood planks into bench seating in cafeterias.

Trends are changing office furniture in overland park

Following office furniture trends is a full-time job! We know our clients are looking for the latest and greatest innovations – from advancements in office chair comfort technology to stain-proof fabrics. That’s why we stay on top of the latest trends and advances to create office spaces with thoughtfully designed, high-end, commercial-quality furniture for our clients.

Ready to explore? Schedule a visit to one of our Contract Furnishings Design Centers! They’re filled with examples of fun pieces of office furnishings that will make you excited to work in an office.

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