Top tips for office design in Overland Park

Our designers offer their top tips for great office design in Overland Park.

From Town Center Plaza to Corporate Woods, office design in Overland Park can be versatile, unexpected and unique. Here are six key tips straight from our design team to help you create an outstanding new office space.

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TIP 1: Align your space-to-team ratio

When creating the ideal office, of all the stats to consider, the biggest is your square footage-to-employee ratio.

  • First, what’s the square footage of the building you’re furnishing?
  • Next, how large is your team?

Why it’s important:

If you occupy a 30,000 ft2 building but only have 15 employees, well, we have a ton of room to include all the bells and whistles. But if you’re working within a 3,000 ft2 building with the same 15 employees, it’s time to get creative, especially when it comes to seating. Fitting a conference room into a 3,000 ft2 space with private offices for each employee would be challenging, but our designers can help you make it more feasible if your team is open to working from collaborative spaces like open benching.

If you’re looking at new spaces or assessing your current space, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to get a complimentary test fit to assess how a space can meet your needs

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TIP 2: Collect your basic floorplan requirements

No matter where you’re located, most office design in Overland Park shares some basic space needs that should be incorporated into your design plan.

For instance, a designated conference room is a common requirement, though its appearance and execution can vary dramatically, especially when considering telecommunication needs and teleconference capabilities.

In addition, most offices have at least one or more private offices, often utilized by management teams.

For team members who don’t require private offices, workstations integrated with collaborative areas can create spaces for both focused work and interaction. Workstations differ significantly in design ¾ from closed-off cubicles to completely open bench desking. “Seats” may be assigned, reservable or completely free for anyone to use each day. In creative industries, we’re witnessing the rise of “brainstorming” and “huddle” rooms, along with creative spaces filled with whiteboards and colorful drawing utensils.

Identifying the number of conference rooms, private offices, workstations and collaborative areas you need should be based on your current headcount as well as your expansion plans.

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TIP 3: Consider your company’s nature

Are you an architecture firm, an audio and video production company, or a computer repair service? Designing an office around the specific functional needs of your employees is imperative for space planning and maintaining productivity.

The nature of your business and your functional needs should guide your office design selections.

For example, a computer repair team often requires open tabletops, lots of cubbies for the tools they use for their daily functions in addition to significant storage space. Organization and an efficient setup are key ingredients for their success.

Compare that to an audio and video production company, which needs soundproofing, ample space for equipment, private meeting areas, collaboration rooms, and comfortable seating and workstations for clients. A balance of privacy and collaboration is a large component of what makes this environment successful.

Compiling a list of the functional needs of your individual teams or employees will help you make informed decisions about your office furnishing and space requirements.

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TIP 4: Design to your location

While interior design magazines and TV shows play a significant role in shaping trends, different regions and cities still maintain their distinctive design preferences, often influenced by the climate of the office location.

Living in the Midwest means experiencing all four seasons, which has implications for your office design options and buildout.

For example, integrating the outdoors, either through outdoor seating, walking paths, or an outdoor patio, can be a perk for employees and expand your usable space. But while outdoor seating can be a fantastic addition, it’s typically only usable space for part of the year.

Case in point: one of our Contract Furnishings offices is in the Summit 52 building on Metcalf Avenue, and it’s one of our favorites due to its outdoor space. During milder months our team enjoys walking outside and playing pickleball, appreciating a quiet, nature-enveloped space. While lovely, this space is rarely used in the dead of winter.

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Designing for your office location also means catering to the sun and the changing daylight hours. Blinds are common, especially during bright summer days, while ample lighting is crucial to combat eye strain during the darker winter months. As a bit of a bonus, ideal lighting has been proven to not only alleviate seasonal depression but also boost brain activity and efficiency.

Flag opportunities your building location offers and let your designer help you assess options to utilize those spaces to your advantage.

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TIP 5: Consider unique ways to expand your space

Embracing the concept of free-floating across an office can have a positive impact on boosting team morale and give your employees the freedom to work where they’re most productive.

Flex zones have become a significant trend in office design in Overland Park. These versatile spaces allow for activity-based working, encouraging employees to select a space within the office that they find most suitable to work on their current task at hand.

Many designers are integrating these flex zones into areas such as lobby and reception spaces, break rooms and even workstations. We’re also incorporating elements such as storage lockers and additional coat hooks to accommodate this dynamic.

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TIP 6: Integrate design trends that reflect your company style

Our office designers have been spotting some emerging trends in office design in Overland Park. Here are their top picks and ways they have seen them executed:

  • Mid-Century Modern furniture is making a comeback, along with elements from Minimalist design. These styles can easily be incorporated into your furnishings and add a cool, trendy tone to your office space.
beige office design trend seating area
  • From California to New York City, neutrals are taking over ¾ beige is the new white! While companies often select neutral-colored fabrics and finishes, we have discovered most companies in Overland Park incorporate brand-specific colors into their office designs in calculated ways. For example, they’ll accessorize a neutral-colored couch (beige, black, grey, even white) with red pillows in their brand’s color. Because pillows are easily changed and tend to be relatively inexpensive, this allows clients to incorporate branding without major redesign concerns.
outdoor event space office design patio
  • Overland Park, like many areas in Kansas City, boasts a population of creative individuals, with artistic talents featured in their workplaces. It’s becoming increasingly common for art from local artists to fill office walls and we’ve seen a fun addition of “team murals.” These are great way to add color and mood to your space.
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Looking for advice about whether a new space or remodel will work?

You’ve come to the right place. From test fits to see if a new or current space will work to budget estimates, we are here to help you create an amazing office design in Overland Park. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!