Tips on How to Make Your Lenexa Office Space Design More Flexible

When someone talks about a flexible workspace, they mean an office that can adapt to employees and accommodate whatever they need. It has been proven that a flexible workspace increases creativity, morale, and productivity.

Do you want to revamp your office space design in Lenexa to be more flexible, but are not quite sure where to start? Here are some tips from Lenexa office space designers:

Create Smaller Working Areas

Larger areas with long tables may not offer enough privacy for employees. Some employees focus and perform better in an area with fewer people, where distractions are limited. You can achieve this by creating workspaces that seat a maximum of four people.

Investing in used office furniture in Lenexa, such as lightweight desks and smaller tables, can make the space even more functional and promote a highly productive space.

modular furniture design to make space more flexible

Use Modular Furniture

Modular furniture is easy to manipulate to your office’s needs. These pieces of furniture can easily convert, adjust, and be used for multiple purposes. Some modular furniture recommended by a Lenexa office designers are:

  • Ergonomic chairs that employees with adjustable height
  • Sectional sofas that can be separated into multiple parts for different uses
  • Desks that lower and raise to a person’s ideal height

Having modular pieces of furniture can encourage collaboration while allowing for independent work when needed.

Design Rooms Specifically for Making Phone Calls

Soundproof rooms are perfect places to make phone calls, conduct meetings, or diligently work on a project. Try creating a dedicated conference room for these tasks and furnish the area with modular used office furniture in Lenexa.

flexible furniture design for the office

Add Some Nature

Plants and natural materials can boost morale in the office. The addition of green will make the space feel more open, preventing the “cooped up” feeling of an office. Adding plants into the officer interior design in Lenexa also purifies the air and minimizes allergens and pollutants.

Enhance Natural Lighting

Enhancing the natural lighting of your Lenexa office space can not only save on costs but can help naturally improve an employee’s mood. The vitamin D from the sun improves serotonin, so consider adding wider windows to your office to brighten up the space. Skylights are also a great way to enhance the natural lighting in the workplace.

Create a Space Outdoors

Used office furnishings in Lenexa can also be used to create an outdoor space. Whether you create an outdoor break area or working space, a change of scenery can inspire your employees. An outdoor space with a garden and places to relax can promote a safe place to recharge. Sometimes, a mental break can be what a person needs to refresh and get back on track.

quiet place office space

Establish a Quiet Place

Having a Lenexa office designer establish a quiet place can also help promote a mental break. When employees are mentally exhausted, they don’t perform as well. Design a quiet space with comfortable furniture to allow workers to take a mental break. You may quickly notice an increase in your employees’ performance.

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