Sustainable Ways to Reinvent Your Office Interior Design in Lenexa

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Sustainable Ways to Reinvent Your Office Interior Design in Lenexa

With the working world slowly getting back to normal, more employees are coming back into the office, even for just part of the time. All this time spent working at home has brought a major problem to light; offices pre-Covid weren’t sustainable.

According to the EPA, over 9 million tons of office furniture end up sitting in a landfill. Buying used Lenexa office furniture from Cont Furnishings can help reduce the amount of office furniture transported to landfills.

How Can We Create a Sustainable Office Environment?

Upcycle Used Office Furniture in Lenexa

A lot of landfills are filled with used office furniture, including used office cubicles in Lenexa. An easy way to make your office space more sustainable is by purchasing gently used furniture from closing businesses or office showrooms.

There are a lot of upcycling ideas for used office furniture. Many office buildings have repurposed shelves, desks, and chairs. You can also upcycle old guitars for decoration.


Recycling is a great, easy way to help create a more sustainable work environment. Encourage recycling paper, plastic, and cardboard throughout the office. One of the best ways to encourage recycling is to invest in recycling bins. Make sure you communicate what the bins are for and arrange for the recycling company to empty them periodically.

Another great way to recycle is to partner with other businesses or charities and give them leftover stock, promotional items, etc. That way, unused items aren’t just sitting around taking up space and don’t get dumped in a landfill.

Get Professional Design Help From a Professional in Office Space Design in Lenexa

Office space designers are knowledgeable on how to create a sustainable work environment. Request that they work with sustainable furniture companies, and use used office furnishings in Lenexa when possible.

You can also request that your office designer purchase Lenexa office furniture locally when possible, reducing the transport of goods from overseas.

If your office is reopening, it’s time to find ways to make your workplace more sustainable. We can’t go back to our pre-Covid ways. Instead, consider investing in used office furniture in Lenexa. This will help keep them from sitting in landfills.

Buying local furniture when possible is also a great way to create a sustainable environment. Experts also suggest recycling or donating items you no longer use to business partners or charities within your area.

Are You Looking to Invest in Lenexa Office Furniture?

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