Space Planning

shutterstock_213816655Our designers can help solve even the most challenging situation with creative layouts and custom designed products. We understand that an individual’s working environment can directly affect their productivity, and every company’s requirements are different.

After a thorough analysis of the space available, we apply our technical expertise to maximize the potential of your office area, in terms of appearance and use. Our designers are fully trained in the most state-of-the-art CAD & GIZA software programs.

We also understand that you may have existing furniture that you wish to incorporate into the new space, and we’ll look at how you can make the very best use of the space you have available. We are not tied to a specific supplier, so we can be completely flexible in the choices we make.

interior designWith precise planning and manpower, the job will be completed on time, so you can be in your new location and ready for business as scheduled. This involves coordination of not only the old and the new furniture, but also the filing, phone, electrical, computer, and office contents. We are able to reconfigure your offices in a timely manner that minimizes your downtime.

Once your furniture needs and space limitations have been identified, we will provide you with complete CAD & GIZA drawings, product specifications, and price quotes.