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Our Approach

Our organization has strategized with experts in adjacent fields to create a three-faceted approach to analyzing and modifying office space to create a responsible Socially Responsible environment.





We have an obligation to create a responsible Social Distance Office environment.

Social Distance Office

Key Components to Consider

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  1. Nightly spray application on work surfaces, kitchen and break areas, and other common areas

  2. Can be self-administered

  3. Much less expensive and likely much more impactful than fogging (insight from restoration experts)

Office Configuration:

  1. Work station configuration & employee positioning

  2. Barriers and dividers

  3. Employee density (overall office, lobby/lounge areas, conference and meeting rooms, etc.)

  4. Traffic flow (enter/exit)

social distance office
Social Distance Office

Air Handling, movement, and scrubbing:

  1. Temporary addition of air handlers with HEPA filters

  2. Allow air to be circulated/replaced rapidly (similar to tactics used with mold mitigation)

  3. Can be great additional step for employee/customer/patient confidence

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Build & Execute Your Plan

Social Distance Office
    • Step 2: Confirm Timeline To Completion

  1. Account for product lead times

  2. Consider installation scheduled

  3. Start early to avoid extended lead times

    • Step 1: Determine Key Facts that Apply to your Office

    • Schedule a consultation and review each segment

Social Distance Office
Social Distance Office

Office Configuration Tips:

How to adjust your office to meet socially responsible standards.

  • Consider adding higher partitions or walls to office workstations.

    • Step 3: Consider the Following

  • Build a plan now-modify to account for guidelines and regulatory needs

      • A solid plan may impacts:

        1. Employee and customer confidence

        2. Allowable employee and customer density

Social Distance Office
Social Distance Office
  • Remove seating from conference rooms to increase social distance.

  • Use hard work surfaces and cubicle panels to maximize sanitization.

  • Add hand sanitizer stations throughout your office.

  • Modify workspace configurations to help face employees away from each other.

  • Label office entryways as enter/exit to manage traffic flow.

  • Re-configure lobby, lounge, and breakroom spaces to create separation.

Social Distance Office

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Social Distance Office

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