Using 4 Design Psychology Methods with Lenexa Office Furniture to Increase Morale

Using 4 Design Psychology Methods with Lenexa Office Furniture to Increase Morale

It sounds crazy, but the way you arrange Lenexa office furniture really can influence your employees and their motivation throughout the day. If you want to help your employees stay motivated, then look to office design solutions in Lenexa to see how lighting and the space, you are in can really affect people. Does your space encourage creative collaboration? Does it allow your employees to talk freely? Does the Lenexa office furniture allow for a safe, warm, and welcoming space?

Questions like these are important to ask, which is why you get a consultant from office design solutions in Lenexa to help your company when it comes to environmental psychology. The environment we are in occupies our minds unconsciously, and we must take great care in choosing what we put into that space and what will motivate employees and keep them from feeling stressed out.

What are some of the things we want from Lenexa office furniture?

#1 Flexible Spaces – No one wants to be in a windowless cubical all day. Gone are the days of cubicle work. Used office cubicles in Lenexa are now repurposed for movable workspaces and helping people come together for quick strategy sessions. Folding screens are also helpful with natural flow and movement. All of these things can be discussed with office design solutions in Lenexa.

#2 Sensory Stimulation – Modern offices are moving away from industrial-like fluorescent lighting in favor of LED fixtures and softer, warmer lighting with controls that allow workers to adjust brightness and color temperature. Ask Lenexa office furniture to help guide you using cool colors like light blue and green. This will promote activity in the workplace.

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#3 Biophilic Design – We all have an inherent need to connect with nature and green spaces. Research shows that natural experiences in the workplace through natural design can help reduce worry and sound, enhance air quality, and increase creative thinking. Bring nature indoors with office design solutions in Lenexa. We can help bring in characteristics like living walls, live plants, and water features or use materials like unfinished wood, leaves, stones, and natural tones that mimic the outdoors.

#4 Connections – Provide employees with a variety of spaces using Lenexa office furniture where they can gather. Think coffee bars, game rooms, and actual water stations. This can build a culture in your office and maintain camaraderie among staff members. It is nice to have cool break areas to hang out with your fellow employees and helps them connect and get a break from the routine.

If you like any of these ideas and want to get your office psychologically ready for a different kind of environment, look no further than office furniture in Lenexa; our designers are here to help you become more productive and happier in your work environment.

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