Open Office Floorplan vs. Cubicle Office Design

Different businesses and organizations have unique office design needs depending on their work and how they collaborate. If you are planning on designing a new office or redesigning your old office, make sure you take this into consideration before purchasing Lenexa office furniture.

Open Office Floorplans

If you have limited space and your team needs to converse regularly throughout the day, an open floor plan may be your best option. Open floorplans use few (if any) room dividers and facilitate frequent and fast communication. Although open offices are often noisier than other office designs, they are increasingly popular and offer greater flexibility. Speak to a Lenexa office designer for help making the most of your open floor plan and purchasing the best office furniture in Lenexa.

Open office floorplans often locate team members at shared tables and include comfortable meeting areas for easy collaboration.

Cubicle or Private Office Floorplans

Cubicle office floorplans are ideal for offices where the primary need of team members is quiet and privacy. A cubicle floor plan doesn’t necessarily use cubicles, either. If your office space has a series of smaller private offices (with or without doors), the same result can be achieved.

Private office floorplans are best for offices where team members work most of the day independently or where they communicate with clients over the phone regularly.

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Hybrid Floorplans

In most small businesses, different team members carry different responsibilities and have varying needs for their office spaces. If you want to make the most of your office space, you may need to locate some of your team members in an open floor plan and others in private offices. This is easily achieved if you choose the right furniture and room dividers. Speak to one of our professional office designers for more suggestions specific to the needs of your business.

Office Design on a Budget A well-designed office doesn’t have to drain your bank account. At Contract Furnishings, we can help you design an attractive and functional office and assist you in locating the best furniture for your budget. We also offer an excellent selection of quality new and used office furniture in Lenexa, including used office cubicles in Lenexa.

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If your business is growing rapidly and you need quality, durable  Lenexa Office Furniture at an affordable price, we have many options available. We can help you find the office furniture in Lenexa that you need, design an attractive space, and ensure your workflow is designed efficiently.

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