Office Space Design for Employee Health

Whenever our team at Contract Furnishings designs an office space, there is a long list of concerns we address. We will create an office interior design in Lenexa that is attractive, stylish, functional, reasonably quiet, well-lit, within budget, and take into consideration the health of all those using the space. Any business that hopes for long-term success needs to retain its best employees and look out for their well-being.

If you are concerned about taking care of your employees, here are a few suggestions.

Let Your (Natural) Light Shine

Employees who work all day in an improperly lit office may suffer from eyestrain and migraines. Meanwhile, employees who work near a significant source of natural light are more likely to sleep longer and more soundly than their coworkers who complete the same tasks under artificial lighting.

Integrate Alternative Desk Options

Alternative desks, like sit-stand desks that can be raised or lowered, are increasingly popular for workers required to be at their desks all day long. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting still for long periods is linked to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol levels, mental health struggles, and more. You may also consider treadmill desks or alternative seating like fitness balls and kneeling chairs.

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Choose Ergonomic Seating

Few people could handle a treadmill or fitness ball all day long. An ergonomic office chair is possibly the most critical piece of Lenexa office furniture for those who sit at desks all day. Nonetheless, ergonomic seating is more than an office chair. It is also necessary to ensure that employees of all sizes are sitting at desks of appropriate height, monitors are adjusted correctly, and more.

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Keep the Noise Down

Excessive noise in an office setting distracts most individuals and often reduces productivity. Consult with a Lenexa office designer about the possibility of including cubicles or additional dividers into your workspace. Cubicles and dividers don’t have to be eyesores if integrated well.

Take a Break

Breaks are essential for physical well-being, mental health, and productivity. Don’t leave break areas out of your office interior design in Lenexa. Consider also including an outdoor break area for use when the weather is nice.

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