5 Reasons to Redesign with Lenexa Office Space Designers in 2023

Lenexa Office Space Designers

5 Reasons to Redesign with Lenexa Office Space Designers in 2023 — Are you looking to get a fresh new look for a fresh new year in 2023? Look no further than our professional Lenexa office space designers to help freshen up your office for the new year. Whether you want to use used office cubicles in Lenexa, do something new and exciting, or upcycle some old office chairs, we are here to help.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider using Lenexa office space designers in 2023:

Lenexa Office Space Designers Recommend Keeping Up with Technology

There are Zoom meetings now, and FaceTime meetings. There are conventional meetings and individual meetings. Video conferencing often needs its own space because that is the new normal these days. With this in mind, you should consider incorporating more spaces for virtual catchups with clients and staff.

Employees will need to conduct these regularly. This is a great way to use those used office cubicles in Lenexa. They are wonderful for creating a virtual meeting place.

Lenexa Office Space Designers Recommend Allowing for Flexible Working

Look at your space a little differently allowing for your employees to move in and out more freely. Take a chance on flextime and working hours as well. You could also provide hot-desking as well to allocating certain desks for certain departments.

Lenexa Office Space Designers

Lenexa Office Space Designers Recommend Focusing on Sustainability

Be environmentally conscious if you can. It is a great idea to use sustainable materials whenever possible. It shows your company’s ethical values and is a wonderful selling point to many clients

Lenexa Office Space Designers Recommend Creating an Exciting Environment

It is so much better when people look forward to coming to work. Make your office safe and fun. Add extras when and where you can, like an ice machine, or other fun items to the break room. If an office is a fun place to come to, people are likely to want to stay there.

Lenexa Office Space Designers Recommend Showing You Care About Your Staff

Redesigning your office is not a cheap endeavor. There will likely be some costs involved in the renovations. Investment in your office is an investment in your staff. Remember do this will lift morale and show you really believe in what you are doing.

As you can see here are five reasons you may want to consider a fresh look for 2023. Everything from flexible workspace to showing you care about staff is a reason to think about a redesign with Lenexa office space designers at Contract Furnishings. We are here to help you love your office again. Choose us for your 2023 redesign.

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Lenexa Office Space Designers

Contract Furnishings has a 30-year history of serving clients with their office space needs. Our ability to leverage our vast array of product solutions to meet space, budget, and style needs has been the cornerstone of our success. We have become known as a leader in providing high-quality, used office furniture in Lenexa options for clients. Whether you plan an entire project utilizing used furniture or mix used furniture into a new office design as a cost saver, the ability to “combine and solve” is unique to our heritage.

Lenexa Office Space Designers

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