Is it Time to Redesign Your Office?

Has your office had the same design for the last ten years or more? Is your business growing? Are you hoping to attract the most talented team possible? Your office’s design may be saying more about your management style and business practices than you realize. If you are considering renewing your office interior design in Lenexa, ask yourself the following:

Is Our Office Space a Place People Enjoy Working?

Over the last several years, the percentage of the workforce working from home has skyrocketed. If you want your employees to be motivated to come into the office and work, they need to enjoy their workplace. Not every office can look like Google headquarters, but a little effort goes a long way. Consider repainting, buying a few new office furnishings in Lenexa, and investing in quality office chairs. Your employees will appreciate your effort to invest in the place where they spend most of their week.

How Long Have We Had Those Curtains?

Consider changing things up if it has been five or ten years since you changed the curtains, wall art, or meeting area furniture. Lack of change or an apparent lack of interest in improving your office space silently communicates to your team that you are only interested in the bottom line. There is nothing wrong with pursuing profitability, but it is important to employees that they feel valued by management. A few small investments in office furniture in Lenexa can make a big difference.

Do We Have Sufficient Spaces for Privacy and Teamwork?

Thanks to a slew of new technology, office work is done very differently than twenty or even ten years ago. Has your office space kept up with those changes? Do you have quiet spaces where employees can get work done? Do you have meeting spaces for team activities? Many offices are even bringing the phone booth back to allow for private (or at least quiet) business phone calls. If you haven’t considered your office design in some time, consider meeting with a few of your team members and asking what would help them be more productive. We can help you find new and used office furniture in Lenexa to fit almost any budget.

Office Furnishings in Lenexa

Contract Furnishings – Commercial Office Design Solutions in Lenexa

If your business is growing rapidly and you need quality, durable Lenexa office furniture at an affordable price, we have many options available for you. We can help you find the office furnishings in Lenexa that you need, design an attractive space, and make sure your workflow is designed efficiently.

We Are the Experts in Office Design and Space Planning

Contract Furnishings has a 30-year history of serving clients with their office space needs. Our ability to leverage our vast array of product solutions to meet space, budget, and style needs has been the cornerstone of our success.

We have options for design and new and used office furniture in Lenexa to meet any budget. Contact one of our project consultants, and we can get you started.

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