How to Choose Paint for Your Office Walls

Choosing the perfect paint color for your office walls is much more involved than simply choosing your favorite color. The right paint will provide a clean backdrop to work in and tie everything together. The wrong paint will clash with your Lenexa office furniture and make the space unattractive and unpleasant.

Don’t Decorate with Paint

Your walls aren’t a decoration––they are a backdrop. If you choose a color that is either too dark, too bright, or too unconventional, you will probably have trouble coordinating furniture, flooring, and window coverings.

Paint Should Coordinate with the Furniture and Flooring

You don’t want to design an office where the floor, walls, and furniture are all the exact same color, but you do want all of these to coordinate with each other well. If your flooring has multiple colors in it, try to match the walls to at least one of those colors. However, don’t ever choose a color that is identical to the floor––you need at least some contrast.

We also suggest purchasing at least one paint sample to paint on a wall before committing to a big paint purchase. A sample should give you a good feel for how everything will look when you are done. If you are having trouble finding the right color to coordinate with flooring or an exposed brick wall, you may need to contact an office designer in Lenexa for professional help.

Dark or Light?

In most cases, smaller rooms with limited natural lighting require lighter colors. Dark paint rarely looks good inside unless it is in a large room with lots of natural light. Dark paint in smaller rooms tends to make the room feel smaller. Lighter paint can often make a small room feel larger.

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What Color?

If you already have office furniture, consider choosing a color that is found somewhere in the furniture. If your furniture is very dark, use a lighter shade of the same color. Many Lenexa office space designers use color wheels to help identify complementary, analogous, or monochromatic color schemes. If you feel lost trying to identify colors that work well together, use a color wheel to help you identify which colors do.

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