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Creating business culture with office furniture near me

Our ever-changing workplace dynamic has made implementing new ideas that prioritize your business culture an important part of enriching your employee experience. Here we’re sharing some ideas our Contract Furnishings team has seen trending in office furniture near me.

Your office should reflect your brand

Your office is an integral part of your brand’s image. It reflects your business values to your employees, customers and partners. The environment you create is the first impression they have of your brand – from wall colors to office configurations – and it plays a large role in communicating your priorities.

Enjoyment in productivity

  • Bright, fun workspaces that are inviting and experiential encourage teams to tap into your company’s greatest strength – creativity. To up the fun factor, businesses are looking to add bold colors in non-traditional ways. Sound panels are a great way to add functional sound deadening and design interest to open spaces. Designers choose them in bright colors and prints, and utilize them as chandeliers, ceiling tiles and even sliding doors!
  • Modern cubicle systems are replacing open workspaces in office furniture near me. Connected private and open desking systems may seem like they’d be more distracting, but we’ve found they actually create a boost in positive culture. As an added bonus, many of these cubicle systems can be designed to hold belongings using cubbies and lockers with 24-hour codes and temporary pins.
  • Multi-function or “flex” spaces allow for a more home-like atmosphere, resulting in an increase in positivity. Squishy couches to sink into paired with thoughtfully placed ambient lighting appear comfortable and inviting. They also invite productive interaction. (There is something to say about surrounding yourself with those unlike yourself – including a boost in new ideas. While lounging in a flex space, you may be next to a coworker having an important meeting with a new client, or you may hear colleagues discussing marketing strategies on a whiteboard nearby.) We are seeing an increased use of collaborative tables and comfortable seating which are magnets for creative ideas and inspiration and encourage interaction and a sense of belonging.
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Facility perks in office furniture near me

Office designers and CEOs alike are tapping into research and office trends to enhance collaboration while meeting the needs of their employees and end-users. On-campus amenities are a great way to not only create a positive culture but also to impress new talent.

  • Cafes are a great place to build camaraderie between coworkers, leading to a feeling of inclusivity. Providing a dedicated place to relax and eat lunch can lead to a higher quality of work. Team members are more likely to allow themselves a necessary breather so they can return to their tasks refreshed. We are seeing the increasing popularity of including the “café” category in office furniture near me.
  • Office gyms enhance workplace culture by encouraging employee physical well-being through regular exercise. The benefits of exercise for employee health are innumerable, and the accessibility of an office gym can’t be beaten. In addition, on a social level, we’re seeing meetings move to the company gym – where there are opportunities to be creative and collaborate while being physically active. Requests for teambuilding spaces and training rooms within office gyms are a trend on the rise. (Who doesn’t love to bond with their team over a game or two of pickleball?!)
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Thoughtful design for success

On an individual level, a positive business culture starts with knowing you’re set up for success.

Many of your employees spend a large part of their lives at work, so catering to the well-being of their bodies should be a top priority. Making sure your employees have their tools of the trade close at hand may seem like a small detail, but like navigating a river without a paddle, lacking access to the tools they need can be stressful and inefficient.

In addition, the ability to customize work areas to align with individual spaces, functional needs and preferences is a prevalent feature of modern work environments.

(And both have the added benefit of increasing productivity, lessening tension and reducing workplace injury!)

Ergonomic modern office furnishing features

  • Convenient, easily accessible storage for tools is essential to achieve a streamlined workflow. That’s why many of today’s modern cubicle designs incorporate built-in wardrobes, spacious cubbies and space-optimizing drawers for storing a variety of office and personal items.
  • Integrated monitor arms are an ergonomic enhancement in modern cubicles that provide your employees the flexibility to position their screens exactly where they need them for comfort.
  • Ergonomic chairs move with the body’s natural motion and tendencies. They also adjust through levers and knobs, allowing employees to customize their individual support level for their comfort.

Small, thoughtful office design choices like these can provide your employees what they need to stay healthy and feel supported in the workplace.

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We help you show off your business culture

Looking at enhancing your corporate culture through your office environment? Incorporating these office design techniques and thoughtful office furniture enhancements we’ve seen in office furniture near me is a great start.

Whether you’re designing a new office or redesigning an existing space, you’re going to invest a significant amount of time and effort, so it should be perfect. Having a team of professionals on your side – working with you to optimize the use of your space and help you make thoughtful decisions can be game-changing.

At Contract Furnishings, we have a fantastic team of interior and office designers who work alongside our furniture experts to help you through every step.

Looking to enhance your workplace culture? We’re here to help.