Are Cubicles the Right Fit for Your Lenexa Office?

How to Thrive in a Fluid Workplace, According to an Office Designer in Lenexa

Workspaces have started to look very different since early 2020. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, corporations have been left with many difficult decisions. One of these decisions is whether they should re-open their office space or wait.

These decisions have led to a big question among employees: What impact will a fluid workplace have on the workforce? Can companies just “go with the flow?” While there is no clear-cut answer yet, one thing is for sure; we can’t go back to how things were before.

The Future of the Fluid Workplace

While it’s nice to think we can go back to our old ways, it’s important to understand that the office space has changed forever. However, many companies are choosing to have their employees work in the office in shifts.

With this new plan, businesses might need new office furniture in Lenexa. At Contract Furnishings, we can equip your business with brand new or gently used office furniture that is easy to sanitize.

When picking office furniture for your new fluid Lenexa workplace, it’s important that the furniture is easy to clean. It’s also helpful to get office furniture that is adaptable for multiple needs.

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Make Sure Your Fluid Workplace Promotes Both Growth and Rest

Your office interior design in Lenexa should begin and end with your employees in mind. Many people have started to feel burnt out due to the events of the past year. So, it’s important to have your Lenexa office furniture laid out in a way that promotes both growth and rest.

You want your employees to do their best work when they’re in the office. An office designer in Lenexa suggests creating collaborative workspaces and having an area where they can talk to coworkers or clients on Zoom.

Along with promoting your employee’s best work, you also want to promote self-care. It’s been proven that people work better when they can step away to refocus on their work. Design a space in your office that encourages mental breaks. Use comfortable furniture, such as couches or beanbags.

Are Flexible, Hybrid Workspaces Beneficial?

Many experts believe they are. Everyone is different, meaning they have different preferences. While some people work better at home, others work better in an office with comfortable office furnishings in Lenexa.

A flexible work environment allows employees to decide what type of workspace is best for them. This helps boost their productivity and can help reduce burnout.

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Are You Looking to Invest in Office Furniture in Lenexa?

At Contract Furnishings, we want to help you bring your vision to life. We specialize in helping you plan and design your office space. We offer new and used Lenexa office furniture that meets any budget and will even deliver and install the furniture!

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