4 Ways to Reduce Noise Distractions and Promote Productivity

Businesses often outgrow their office space before it’s practical to move into a larger new office space. If your small business is currently in that slightly awkward in-between stage, you don’t have to choose between function and profitability. You might be surprised how much careful office interior design in Kansas City can organize your space, improve workflow, and make a crowded space comfortable.

Possibly the most challenging element of a crowded office, is the amount of noise generated by talkative team members. So, unless you plan on preventing your team from talking, you’ll need to find a way to absorb sound and block noise from reverberating around the office.

Install Carpet or Area Rugs

Carpet and area rugs are excellent office furnishings in Kansas City that can also absorb sound. If carpeting your entire office space isn’t practical or desired, you can carpet a portion of the office or find a few stylish area rugs. You may be surprised by how effective they are in reducing noise levels.

Designate Specific Quiet Zones

Different office activities require different levels of noise control. Anyone whose work requires a high level of concentration probably also needs a quiet workspace. Team members who need to meet together and brainstorm their next big idea need to make a little noise. Resolve this problem by designating specific spaces for quiet work and other spaces for collaboration.

Include Cubicles in Your Office Design

Office cubicles may not be the first thing you imagine for your new office interior design in Kansas City. However, there is a reason so many offices have chosen to install cubicles: they work! Cubicles offer privacy and quiet to your employees who benefit from a quiet space with fewer distractions.

Install Attractive Acoustic Wall Panels

Offices with long, continuous walls, large glass windows, and hard flooring are particularly difficult to keep quiet. If you are struggling to get the noise level down without success, consider installing acoustic wall panels. You can purchase acoustic panels in various colors, materials, and designs. If you think this may help, we suggest you contact a Kansas City office designer to help you find the most attractive and functional design available.

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If your business is growing rapidly and you need quality, durable furnishings at an affordable price, we have many office design solutions in Kansas City available for you. We can help you find the office furnishings in Kansas City that you need, design an attractive space, and make sure your workflow is designed efficiently.

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